{Review} Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Size: 100ml
Price:  $21.91 CAD (prices may vary depending on where you're buying)
Where to buy: S. Korea
Rating: 4/5

Their Claim:
This was hard to get as it was written in korean. Anyways here's a little bit about what the product claims.
* No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
* Contains Scoria and green complex
* Absorbs sebum & Cleans pores

Likes: Basically everything. It's easy to apply, it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
Dislikes: It was difficult to remove, but it wasn't necessarily that easy either. It just took a little extra washing to get it all off.

My Experience: I had purchase some facial products because to be truly honest, i've never had a skincare routine (bad, bad, i know right?).
So anyways i bought a laneige set along with some skinfood products, and in the package i  received some samples, including the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask by Innisfree. I wasn't sure what to expect with this mask since i've never tried Innisfree products before nor have i tried a volcanic clay mask. The sample package had enough to do my entire face AND my mom's face as well. It felt nice going on my face and then i washed it off after i felt the mask was dry all over (approx 15 or 20mins). When i washed it off, my face felt so nice! I really liked it. My face looked so clean and glowy-- not to mention noticeably softer. I couldn't stop touching my face and looking at myself in the mirror lol (obsess much?).

My Verdict: I was pleased with the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It left my face clean, glowing and feeling softer. Although i haven't tried too much facial mask, this one is my current favourite!

Re-Purchase: Yes!

Beauty In My Backyard

Just thought i'd share a photograph today.
This is a photograph of a rose in my backyard-- it's so beautiful, i just had to snap it :)
**Image copyright Gasai Photography**

{Review} CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex
Size: 6 fl. oz. (150 ml)
Price:  $14.99 USD (prices range from $20-$34 CAD depending on where you're buying from)
Where to buy: Folica.com, Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, Rexall, Zehrs
Rating: 5/5

Their Claim: CHI Transformation System Silk Infusion helps strengthen your hair, providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without any build-up. Silk reconstructing complex no pH. Alcohol free. Rich leave in treatment enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. Ceramic heat will insure deep penetration of silk proteins.
My Likes: Basically everything.
My Dislikes: well...the smell reminds me of cologne which i'm not particularly fond of.

My Experience: I first started using CHI Silk Infusion about 4 years ago after my inlaw introduced it to me and i was amazed at how wonderful this product was. After applying CHI, my hair felt so soft and silky without making it feel heavy. I always apply this product before flat ironing my hair to protect it from heat damage. This is the only product i use in my hair and i noticed my hair has become healthier and it has helped with hair breakage as well.
Now after finishing my first bottle, I couldn't find it anywhere in store (i live in the countryside *boooo*) until i found it on Folica.com where i purchased it for $14.99 USD for a 6oz bottle when i had purchased my solia tourmaline flat iron (will do a review on the flat iron soon). I bought the CHI in october, two years ago and i still have that same bottle that is just finishing. I didn't use it much in the beginning but then increase my usage when i stopped using other products in my hair. That bottle has lasted a long time eh... That's what i love about this product; it works AND a little goes a long way, so a 6oz bottle will last you quite some time.
I love this product so much that I introduced it to my mom and she's inlove with it as well--- and she loves it so much that she's also introduced it to her friends *hehehe*

My Verdict: Chi Silk Infusion is a really good product. It does what it claims. It's well worth the price.
Re-Purchase: Again and again!
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