{Swatches} Manly 120 Palette

Manly 120 blusher/eye shadow palette

I've had this palette for a few years now, and i think doing a review is well overdue. As you can see there is visible wear and tear to the palette; although i haven't used the shadows all that much. It fell from me right before i took this picture, so you can see that some of the shadows broke up a little-- the reason for the palette being a little messy. This is the largest palette i have, and go straight for it most of the time when i decide to wear makeup. I did say that i would do a review, and dont worry because i will soon after i complete an upcoming exam *yeaaah* So for now, enjoy the swatches (^-^)

Manly 120 palette has so many different colours; neutrals, brights, darks, metallics etc

Manly 120 palette; a few swatches on my fingers

Manly 120 palette; a few swatches

Manly 120 palette; a few swatches

Manly 120 palette; closer view of swatches
Do you own a Manly palette or any other similar palette like coastal scents?
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