How Lovely, Oh So Lovely

I'm so excited to announce that i just received this lovely blog award from Prathi over at My Life in Technicolor. Thank you so much Prathi, you are such a darling <3.
Now the rules are that i mention 7 facts about myself and pass the award along to other lovely bloggers.

.o1. I love tea and i drink it every single day
.o2. When i was younger, i used to play the Viola
.o3. I love hot, steamy baths over showers any day
.o4. My favourite tv show is Golden Girls
.o5. I hate pop and sodas; I rather have water or fruit juices
.o6. I used to write stories when i was a child
.o7. I love cuddling when it rains

~Passing on this Lovely Award to some lovely bloggers~

My First ELF Haul *woot woot*
 I've heard of E.L.F for years now but never actually made an order with them until now. I felt it was time i give them a try and see how well their products work for me. I live in Canada so i wasn't sure if it'd be worth it to order the products and pay $14.95 for shipping and also risk the chance of being charge customs fees. But last week ELF was having a promotional sale, where they were only charging $1.98 for shipping in the U.S. With this promotion, i still had to pay $4.97 shipping to Canada, but that's much better than the original $14.95 fee.

It took a bit over one week to get my package, which i'm pretty excited about. As well i did not get charged any customs fees *woot woot*
So here's a pic and a list of the products i bought. I will review them after i've had enough time to fully test them out.

+ Shimmering Facial Whip - Citrus, Persimmon, Lilac Petal, Toasted
+ Brushes - Foundation brush, Blending eye brush, Smudge eye sponge, Defining eye brush, Eyeliner brush, Eye crease brush
+ Eyelid primer
+ Shimmer pencil - Twinkle Teal
+ Super Glossy Lip Shine - Angel
+ Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Ruby Slipper, Baby Lips, Honey

{Review} Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner

Laneige Moisture Power Essential Skin Refiner (Toner)
Size: 200 ml
Price: Approx. $26 CAD
Where to buy: S. Korea
Rating: 4/5
Likes: Almost everything ^-^
Dislikes: Not sold locally. A bit pricey. 

** I've been using this toner since last year  along with the Laneige Multi Cleanser** 
Their Claim: Moisturizing skin refiner with purifying and softening effect for clear skin. Removes dried keratin and purifies the skin for clear and transparent skin. Bio Dusali, extracted from fermented seaweed with strong energy of life, supplies energy to the skin and promotes keratin turnover, while the Hyacinth extracts purify the skin from heavy metal, smog, and other harmful materials to leave the skin moist and transparent. Exfoliating enzymes gently remove the dead skin cells with less irritation. Skin-nourishing royal jelly extracts and sugar cane extracts refine dry and rough skin for moist and healthy skin.
My experience: What can i say about this toner? Where do i start! I love this toner. It truly is moisturizing and gentle enough to not irritate my sensitive skin. It comes in such a cute bottle that looks so sleek and stylish; not overly dressed up, but rather simple and chic. It's a good size bottle (200ml) which lasts a long time, as little goes a long way. (I've used a bottle for well over 6 months and still there's a lot left).
As for the smell, It's light and very pleasant. I can't pinpoint what it smells like, but it's a very light scent. I do not smell or feel any alcohol in this product which is really awesome for me.
I use this just as i would any toner/skin refiner. I dab some on a cotton pad and gentle cleanse my face with it. After i'm done my face is left feeling moisturized, soft and clean. This is by far the best toner/skin refiner i've used so far. I love almost everything about it; except the fact that it's not available locally, and that it's a bit expensive. Other than that, i have no complaints.

Verdict: The Laneige Moisture Power Essential Skin Refiner is a great buy. It does exactly what it says it will. It cleans my face very well, and leaves it soft and moisturized NOT irritated. I have re-purchased, and will continue to do so.

Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

For his Fall/Winter 2011 look book, Christian Louboutin collaborated with photographer Peter Lippman. The portraits are  inspired by classic paintings, from Francois Clouet's "Elizabeth of Austria to Francisco De Zurbaran's "Saint Dorothy" portrait.

The new collection is mostly fur, studs, and suede. My favourite would have to be the Daffodile Strass & Very Mix.

Daffodile Strass



Metalipp: leopard print

Tootsie Booty
Balda Booty

Daffy: blue suede

Daffy: yellow suede


Splash Fur

Very Mix
What do you think of the new collection? Have any faves?
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