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I had initial plans of doing reviews and swatches this week, however i'm buried in school assignments i hardly have time for myself let alone make posts. It's quite unfortunately that i have to be studying during the summer but i try to look on the bright side- i'm finishing a year early and it'll be over soon. I know it'll be worth it in the end, but it just sucks that i'm unable to do as much postings as i'd like to right now. But never fear followers, this draught will not last forever, it too will be over soon. In August i'll have a bit more time, and i do plan to do some reviews and swatches then. Until then, i leave you with a music video for your enjoyment.

 Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Motivation

A look at what's coming up (reviews+swatches)

What to look forward to this month?
I'll be doing more reviews, as well as swatches & more FOTDs! *yeaaaah*

Upcoming Posts:

- Manly 120 eye shadow palette: swatches + review
- NYX studio liquid liners: swatches + review

- Laneige moisture power essential skin refiner (toner): review
+ many more...

Favourite Perfume?

I used to be a big perfume collector when i was younger but after having a teacher who was allegeric to perfumes, i couldn't wear them anymore; eventually, i just stopped wearing them *sad face*. Now i'm getting back into wearing them, only thing now is that i have only a few in my collection. It's been a long time since i've bought perfume and i really want to get back into starting my collection again. That is why i want to know what your favourite perfumes are! When i was younger i remember my aunt bought me a bottle of White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor and i was sooo in love with this perfume. But now i don't really have a favourite... So what is yours girlies?
What is your all time favourite perfume?
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