Day 30: the end of the challenge

The most popular post during the 30 day challenge was Day 05: Favourite things to do
I'd just like to say thank you all for all the support; for following my blog, commenting, and interacting with me throughout the challenge ^-^

It was a bit of challenge for me to do this challenge (hahaha)... The hardest part was actually posting everyday. It wasn't an easy task, but i got through it! I'd definately consider doing another challenge again, but for now i'll be redesigning the blog layout and posting more product review posts. I wont be posting every single day, but i'm hoping to blog more often to keep the blog more exciting for my followers.
Thank you again!

Day 29: Photo of something that makes you go awww

kitty sleep over *lol* (

Day 28: Your favourite hair product

CHI Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex
My current favourite hair product is the CHI silk infusion. It's a really great product that i love using. For my complete review click here.

Day 27: Your favourite skincare product

Laneige Multicleanser (
My current favourite skincare product is the Laneige Multicleanser. It is a multicleanser because it is a 4-in-1 cleanser that removes makeup, removes sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses at once. This is an awesome cleanser. I will be doing reviews so that i can give it a proper review...I'll do all this once the challenge is over ^-^

Day 26: An item from your wishlist

Gianmarco Lorenzi crystal disco ball heels (
 These bad boys are still on my wish list! They are just so gorgeous; but are they worth the $3,000?
What do YOU think? Would you pop $3,000 to get your hands on these "delicious" pumps?

Day 25: Your favourite eyeliner

Avon glimmerstick eye liner (
My favourite eye liner is Avon's glimmerstick eye liner in black. It's a really nice liner; it's easy to use, reasonably priced, and does what it says. ^-^

Day 24: Your favourite food

Italian cuisine (
I love a variety of food, including; Italian, Jamaica, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, and Mexican. I like variety, and those are some great tasting food variety *hehehe*

Day 23: Place where you want to live

A villa in Jamaica (
If i could live anywhere in the world, i'd want to live in Jamaica. It's beautiful, the people are awesome, the lifestyle is so relaxing.. what more do i need to say? it's JAMAICA! *lol*

Day 22: Your favourite mascara

Avon astonishing lengths mascara (

My favourite mascara is Avon's astonishing lengths mascara in black. I've tried many different brands of mascaras, from drugstore labels to higher end brands and always go back to this mascara. It really lengthens my lashes, without that clumpy look; and it doesn't smudge nor does it leave my lashes feeling heavy or irritated. I already have naturally long lashes but this mascara leaves my lashes looking so lovely ^-^

Day 21: Your favourite lipstick

Avon ultra color rich lipstick (
I don't really have a favourite lipstick, but if i had to choose one i currently like a lot then it'd have to be the Avon ultra color rich lipstick in country rose ^-^

Day 20: What makes you happy

be happy! (
My family and friends make me happy ^-^.
Knowing that they are there for me whenever i need them; whether it be for moral support, or just to put a smile on my face. Knowing that i can trust them and confide in them makes be happy.

This is an extra special post because it's my BIRTHDAY today!! *yeaah*. It's a happy day for me and i can't wait to enjoy what the rest of the day has to offer.

Day 19: Your favorite season and why

My favourite season is Spring because it's the time of year when the weather gets nice and cool, flowers start appearing, and my birthday is also in Spring ^-^

Day 18: Five places you would like to visit

Japan (

The Phillippines (
It wasn't easy picking just five because i love to travel, meet new people, and experience different cultures. But for the sake of this challenge i chose only five; the top five places i really want to visit. I decided to choose according to the countries i want to visit most:
Jamaica - I've been numerous times, but want to go back again & again. I ♥ Jamaica! *hehehe*
Japan - I've wanted to visit for some time now & hopefully i will soon
Phillippines - I would love to visit everywhere there (Manila, Boracay, Baguio, etc)
India - I'd love to visit and see so many of their historical architectures
France - Paris, Bordeaux City, Nice, etc 

Day 17: Fashion pieces that's on your to-buy list

Bright coloured bags (

NYX Studio liquid liner "metallic shades" (

Chinese Laundry glitter pumps (

Fashion pieces on my to-buy list includes; Bright colours, Metallics, Glitter(glitter pumps like Gianmarco Lorenzi crystal glitter pumps), Lace, nudes & cute accessories.. I really need more spice in my wardrobe to help bring in the Spring/Summer season because here in Canada it's struggling to stay Spring... We're expecting more snow! :(

Day 16: Music you like

Reggae & Dancehall music (

Oldies Soul music (

R&B music (

Day 15: An outfit you wish you had

Herve Leger "bandage" dress (

Day 14: Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have

Tyra Bank's elegant updo (

Kim Kardashian's sexy curls (

Day 13: Favourite brush

My favourite brush would be the Quo foundation brush that i purchased at Shopper's Drug Mart some years ago... It's the only foundation brush i currently use because it works for me and i don't see the need to have any other foundation brush; although i am tempted to try the Mac 187 Duo Fibre Stippling brush ^-^

Day 12: favourite color


Day 11: Bag you want to have

Alexander McQueen lace knuckle clutch/duster (

Day 10: Current fashion/style you like

Alexander McQueen Lace Leggings (net-a-porter)

Bright colours from the Gucci Spring '11 collection (

Day 09: favourite bag that you own

♥ this bag!

Day 08: A photo that makes you laugh

Day 07: favourite animal

photograph from
My favourite animals are tigers and cats in general. I think they are really cute(although tigers can be a bit scary too).

Day 06: Hello Kitty

So today i'm suppose to post anything Hello Kitty...well the duster/cleaner for my laptop is Hello Kitty! It's really the only thing i have that's Hello Kitty so i posted a pic of it. It's really cute and it does keep my laptop nice and clean *hehehe*

Day 05: Favourite things to do

Some of my favourite things to do includes;
01. Photography - I've loved photography ever since i was a child
02. Travelling - I love travelling and going somewhere new and exciting
03. Spending time with family
04. Shopping - who doesn't love shopping?
05. Baking - I love baking although i don't do it as often as i used to

Day 04: Foundation

If i had to choose a favourite foundation it'd have to be between the Clinique superbalanced makeup and MAC studio Fix Fluid SPF 15. I've been using the Clinique foundation for a few years and have only recently started using the MAC. I had tried in the past to get matched with MAC but they couldn't find a suitable match so i went with Clinique at the time and actually really liked it. I had no problems with Clinique so i stuck with it.. until recently when my  mom and i stopped by a MAC counter and i just asked if they could match me and they DID! I was really excited because i've always heard good things about MAC. 

I really like the MAC foundation; i love the overall finish it gives, however, it's causing some kind of reaction to my face. I notice i get these tiny bumps on my face that i`ve never had before. I've never had this problem with Clinique and i've even slept with it on my face. When i wear the MAC i wash my face as soon as i get home and i still get little tiny bumps all over my face. Also i only wear foundation about once a week. I was told to use a really good primer which will prevent the foundation from reacting to my skin this way but i don`t know yet. I will look into it and let you guys know if it works or not. If it doesn't work, i'll be going back to my trusted Clinique foundation.

Day 03: Favourite pair of shoes

If i had to choose a favourite pair of shoes that i currently own, it'd have to be these 5 inch lace mary jane heels *drools*
What's your favourite pair of shoes?

Day 02: What's in my bag

01. Excel gum... for extra fresh breath *lol*
02. Emery board/nail file... in case i break a nail
03. Mobile phone... gotta have that in my bag
04. Mittens... it's spring but still pretty cold here
05. Lip balm... i take this everywhere i go!
06. Moisturizer... whenever i need it
07. Mini mirror... for occasional checking *hehe*
08. Cash and cards... in case i see something i like *hehehe*

What's in YOUR bag?

Day 01: Photo Op

Day 01 Challenge: A recent picture of you and 5 interesting facts about yourself
001. I'm a photographer and occasional model. The picture above is a self portrait ^-^ 
002. This is my final year of University. I'm studying Business but i plan on going Law school as well.
003. I want to learn fluent Filipino (Tagalog) and Japanese
004. I absolutely love tea and i drink it every day. I'm drinking tea this very minute *hehehe*
005. When i was younger i used to write stories and poems
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