University Overload, Overload!

I'm so late on this, but Happy New Year! I hope the new year is treating everyone well- it sure has been good to me so far :)

Anyways, i've missed out on so much since i've been gone for quite a little while now since my last post was in November *sigh*
I've had an overwhelming courseload for the past couple of months since i'm in my final year of Business School and it's basically crunch time, trying to get all i need done for graduation in the summer.

I do enjoy blogging and i love my blog, however there are times where it becomes quite difficult to maintain the blog with school and my social life. It is the new year and i decided to review the direction i'd like to take the blog- adding new features to spice things up. I want the blog to be more exciting and a more enjoyable read for readers out there. Therefore, over the next couple of weeks i'll be tweaking and adding new updates and information as to the upcoming changes i'll be making to the blog. I hope my dedicated followers will continue to enjoy my blog, as well as new followers.

Have any suggestions on what features to include? 
Please share by commenting below (^-^)
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