It's been awhile :(

my appologies for not making any posts in some time. I just had exams and i was super busy studying for the exams and course assignments. But i have to say it all paid off because i passed all my exams *yeaaaah*

anyways guys i'm bacccckkkkk! i'm back to regular postings.
stay tuned!

{Review} Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Size: 100ml
Price:  $21.91 CAD (prices may vary depending on where you're buying)
Where to buy: S. Korea
Rating: 4/5

Their Claim:
This was hard to get as it was written in korean. Anyways here's a little bit about what the product claims.
* No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
* Contains Scoria and green complex
* Absorbs sebum & Cleans pores

Likes: Basically everything. It's easy to apply, it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
Dislikes: It was difficult to remove, but it wasn't necessarily that easy either. It just took a little extra washing to get it all off.

My Experience: I had purchase some facial products because to be truly honest, i've never had a skincare routine (bad, bad, i know right?).
So anyways i bought a laneige set along with some skinfood products, and in the package i  received some samples, including the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask by Innisfree. I wasn't sure what to expect with this mask since i've never tried Innisfree products before nor have i tried a volcanic clay mask. The sample package had enough to do my entire face AND my mom's face as well. It felt nice going on my face and then i washed it off after i felt the mask was dry all over (approx 15 or 20mins). When i washed it off, my face felt so nice! I really liked it. My face looked so clean and glowy-- not to mention noticeably softer. I couldn't stop touching my face and looking at myself in the mirror lol (obsess much?).

My Verdict: I was pleased with the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask. It left my face clean, glowing and feeling softer. Although i haven't tried too much facial mask, this one is my current favourite!

Re-Purchase: Yes!

Beauty In My Backyard

Just thought i'd share a photograph today.
This is a photograph of a rose in my backyard-- it's so beautiful, i just had to snap it :)
**Image copyright Gasai Photography**

{Review} CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex
Size: 6 fl. oz. (150 ml)
Price:  $14.99 USD (prices range from $20-$34 CAD depending on where you're buying from)
Where to buy:, Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, Rexall, Zehrs
Rating: 5/5

Their Claim: CHI Transformation System Silk Infusion helps strengthen your hair, providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without any build-up. Silk reconstructing complex no pH. Alcohol free. Rich leave in treatment enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. Ceramic heat will insure deep penetration of silk proteins.
My Likes: Basically everything.
My Dislikes: well...the smell reminds me of cologne which i'm not particularly fond of.

My Experience: I first started using CHI Silk Infusion about 4 years ago after my inlaw introduced it to me and i was amazed at how wonderful this product was. After applying CHI, my hair felt so soft and silky without making it feel heavy. I always apply this product before flat ironing my hair to protect it from heat damage. This is the only product i use in my hair and i noticed my hair has become healthier and it has helped with hair breakage as well.
Now after finishing my first bottle, I couldn't find it anywhere in store (i live in the countryside *boooo*) until i found it on where i purchased it for $14.99 USD for a 6oz bottle when i had purchased my solia tourmaline flat iron (will do a review on the flat iron soon). I bought the CHI in october, two years ago and i still have that same bottle that is just finishing. I didn't use it much in the beginning but then increase my usage when i stopped using other products in my hair. That bottle has lasted a long time eh... That's what i love about this product; it works AND a little goes a long way, so a 6oz bottle will last you quite some time.
I love this product so much that I introduced it to my mom and she's inlove with it as well--- and she loves it so much that she's also introduced it to her friends *hehehe*

My Verdict: Chi Silk Infusion is a really good product. It does what it claims. It's well worth the price.
Re-Purchase: Again and again!

The Blog's New Look

I've updated my blog design once again. Hopefully this will be my permanent design for awhile.
Hope you guys like it :)

**Coming Up**
+ Review on --- Chi Silk Infusion

My New Friends

Since moving to a new home, i noticed i've been having a new visitor-- a kitty cat!
Early in the morning i'd go outside and have breakfast when i have the time and one day while having breakfast i saw a neighbour's cat climbing up the patio steps-- i guess he smelled the breakfast *hehehe*
Anyways Yesterday i decided to look outside and who do i see laying on the patio furniture--- mr. kitty cat!
But not only that, but he brought a friend over! lmao
I snapped a few pics of them asleep on the patio furniture-- it's so cute.

{Review} Clinique High Impact Mascara

**Picture courtesy of**

Clinique High Impact Mascara
Colours: Black/Brown, & Black ((I'm testing BLACK))
Size: 8g
Price: $18 CAD
Where to buy:,, The Bay
Beauty Rating: 1/5

Their Claim: Kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash for a look that's lusher, plusher, bolder. Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact. Wear it once and you'll feel naked without it.
Likes: Made lashes look bolder and darker (but not anymore than other mascaras)
Dislikes: Felt heavy, not waterproof, expensive

My Experience: To begin, i should mention that i already have naturally long lashes and have been using the Avon waterproof mascara before i began testing this product.
The Clinique mascara did not do anything more for me than other previously used mascaras. It felt like any other mascara i've used before except this one felt a lot heavy on my eyelashes. The consistency is a lot thicker but it did not make my lashes any longer than other mascaras. The only thing the this mascara did was make my lashes feel heavy which was really annoying and uncomfortable. What i also noticed was that if i yawn or if my eyes become watery the mascara gets in my eyes and it sortof stings/burns my eyes arghhh!

I have to say that the avon waterproof mascara i use is significantly cheaper than this; the avon mascara is about $4 verses $18 for the clinique. Really disappointing.

My Verdict: It was not worth the money for me. Too expensive and doesnt live up to its claims.
Re-purchase: No

Mac Cosmetics Free Shipping To Canada

Mac Cosmetics is offering FREE shipping to Canada when you use code "CHRIS"
This offer expires August 22nd so hurry and take advantage of this girlies!
Click to visit MAC Cosmetics

p.s Information is courtesy of Smart Canucks

New Look & Another Award

{The New Look}
It's taken me quite awhile to update the blog design but i've finally done it!
It's not completely done yet, as i have more to add to the side menus; but that will come in time
So let me know what you guys think of the new look for the blog, i'd appreciate it!

{Another Award}
I'm excited once again to announce to you all that i've received my second blog award from Tiffany over at Stylish Chatterboxing. Thanks girlie!
I guess i'm on a bit of a roll this week eh?

Well as a result of winning this award, i'll post FIVE things about me you (probably) didn't know;
1. I really like ITALIAN food
2. I'm an INSOMNIAC at times
3. I don't have TWITTER
4. I want to learn JAPANESE (fluently)
5. I LOVE wearing my pjs around the house (soo comfy!)

...and finally i'd like to send this award out to a few bloggers as well
So in no particular order;
{1} Rachel at A dream is a wish your heart makes
{2} Risyaa at Risyahoneydew
{3} Justine at Productrater
{4} Bailey at I know all the words
{5} Dolce Bunny at A life of a bunny

Blog Makeover!

[[ Little Vacation… ]]
I was on vacation in Jamaica (yeah it was pretty awesome *hehehe*) so I didn’t have time to make new posts. While I was in Jamaica I didn’t get to go as many places as I would have liked to go but I did get the chance to visit the countryside there and it was just beautiful. Pics are posted at Gasai Photography.

+ As soon as I got back my sister & her family came to visit from the UK so I had my hands full. We surprised my mom on her birthday by having a surprise birthday party AND she had no idea my sister was coming on her birthday so it was really nice. She was so surprised and happy. Anyways It was tons of fun having them here with me and I’m so sad that they are gone now.

[[ Now on to the BLOG MAKEOVER… ]]
I’ve realized that I have not put much time into this blog so this week I’ll be giving it a complete makeover. I need to put a new focus on this blog so I’ll be editing previous posts and deleting unnecessary posts that are just taking up space.

The new focus of the blog will be to provide you with product reviews of makeup, hair, and skincare products for those of us with a budget. That means that I’ll review products that are affordable as I am aware that makeup can be quite pricey and who wants to pay for expensive makeup if you can get cheaper products that do the same job? So that’s basically what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks-- and months ahead.

* I’ll be adding more in-depth reviews including lots more pictures of swatches and product packaging etc.
* I’ll also be posting more often (I will try my best with this one.. but be aware that I’m a full time student so there will be days when I’ll be absent from posting on the blog).
* I’ll also like to try and post FOTD (Fotos/Face Of The Day) and with these pictures I’ll be showing makeup I’m wearing that day and how you can achieve that look. (This one might take some time to get into effect, especially because I don’t wear makeup often).
Anyways guys I hope you’ll enjoy the new makeover when it’s complete.

My First Blog Award!

I've always seen these blog awards that some bloggers receive and always wondered if i will ever get an award. Now i can say with pride and gratitude that I've received my first blog award!..... and i'm so HAPPY
I have been awarded the Sweet Blogger Award from Bailey over at I Know All The Words
Thank you so much hun!

I would like to also take this time to award a few well deserved bloggers with the Sweet Blogger Award!
...And these bloggers are;

+ Winnie at Eleventh of April
+ Lady Noix De Coco at Fashion Coconuts
+ Candy at Candy Phou
+ Rachel at Chocnut Babe
+ Stefanie Wolfaardt at Through The Eyes Of A Stranger

Sale: 50% Off E.L.F Mineral Products

{Review} Alexandria Face Wax Strips

Alexandria Face Wax Strips
Size: 24 strips (12 double sided)
Price: $6.49
Where to buy: Shopper's Drug Mart

Information: Stay hair free for weeks at a time. Wax strips contain Vitamin E and aloe. They are ideal for beginners and seasoned users alike, and perfect for travel. Included with all waxes is a waxing oil to remove excess wax residue, containing almond, apricot, lavender, tea tree oil and other natural ingredients.

Their Claim: Quick and easy method of removing unwanted hair at the root. Hair free for weeks.

My Verdict: I wanted to try to wax my eyebrows so i used this product to see how well they'd remove the hair. I have to say i was VERY disappointed in this product. It barely removed any hair. Sadly this product did absolutely nothing for me. The only thing i liked about this product was the fact that it's eco friendly.
Re-purchase: I will NOT purchase this product again.

((More pics below))

The finishing wipes that were included with the wax strips

The wax strips (double sided)

Happy Birthday To ME!

So today is my birthday and in honour of my special day ive decided to talk about ME (hehehe).
Ive compiled a list of 23 things about me you probably do not know.

1. I'm currently wearing braces! (i sure am... and now im wondering why i ever got them)
2. I love to walk around in my pajamas when i'm at home (so comfy)
3. I'm the youngest of three.. apparently i'll always be the baby according to my mom
4. I don't drink pop/soda, i hate it.
5. I prefer flats or sneakers over heels on a everyday basis (but i'll never go clubbing in sneakers, no way!)
6. I've never been drunk and don't want to ever get drunk
7. I want to be an entrepreneur one day... i rather work for myself than someone else
8. I'm only 5'3, yeah im not very tall at all
9. I live in the countryside, and even though its boring i prefer it over the big city now
10. I don't have a favourite colour or favourite food
11. I hardly wear makeup, i love to go natural
12. I love to watch Golden Girls, this show's classic
13. I'm making this list when i should be studying
14. My mom and i are really close, she's my best friend
15. I no longer own a cellphone, i gave it away because i hardly ever use one
16. I don't have Twitter... i dont plan to join twitter either
17. Sometimes i'm an insomniac (most times)
18. I always leave final assignments until the last minute.. i'm really trying to change
19. I want to learn fluent Japanese and Filipino
20. I love tea. I drink tea every single day... I just love it
21. A lot of people think im 14 or 16... i hate it but in time i'll appreciate it (when im a lot older)
22. I love blistex lip balm... i can't go a day without it
23. When i travel i always pack unnecessary things that i know i wont use but i bring "just in case"
And there you have it. Twenty-three things about me you didn't know :)

Spring/Summer Trend 2010

What's hot for Spring and Summer!

* Knee & Thigh High Socks -- Burberry, Alexander Wang
 Get the look from American Apparel for $21

* Destructed Denim (ripped, torn, patched) -- Jean Paul Gaultier, Just Cavalli
Get this look from Karmaloop (Tripp NYC Jeans) for $62 USD

* Sheer and lace fabrics -- Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Oscar De La Renta
Get this look from Forever21 for $18.80

* Futuristic pattern and printed fabrics  -- Gucci, Versace
 Get this look from Bebe for $119

* Military Fashion -- Anna Sui, Balmain
Get this look from Forever 21 for $29.80

* Bold Statement Accessories -- Lavin, Chanel
Get this look at Aldos for $19.98

* Boyfriend blazers -- Givenchy, L.A.M.B
Get this look from Urban Outfitters for $49.99

* Micro mini (hot pants, mini skirts) -- Stella McCartney, Versace
Get this look from Forever 21 for $29

** Other trends that are still continuing this season includes; leggings, tribal prints, and neon colours.
Photographs courtesy of the websites of American Apparel, Karmaloop, Forever21, Bebe, Aldos, and Urban Outfitters.

{Review} Avon Mini Wash-off waterproof Mascara


Avon Mini Wash-off waterproof Mascara
Colour Tested: ((Black))
Size: .06 oz
Price: Under $2
Where to buy:
Their Claim: Streak-free. Washes away with soap and water. Same great formula you love in a full size, now goes with you..wherever!
My Verdict: I really like this mascara. It's small and cute; i can take it with me on the go. It lengthens my lashes, doesn't flake, and last a long time. Easy to wash off; just use soap and water.
Re-purchase: Yes

**Photographs courtesy of GASAI PHOTOGRAPHY

{Review} Clinique Blushing Blush

Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush
Colour Tested: ((Mysterious Mocha))
Size: .21 oz/6 g
Price: $24 CAD
Where to buy: Clinique, Sears, The Bay

Their Claim: Defining moment for cheeks. Silky formula sweeps effortlessly over cheekbones to create a natural look. Fresh, jet-milled colour builds to desired intensity with custom-sculpting brush. Long-wearing. Stays colour-true. Oil-free.

My Verdict: It works and it's reasonably priced. Long lasting wear that does not feel heavy on the face (it's light and silky on the cheeks). Cute packaging; i like the size and the fact that the front of the packages is a mirror. I absolutely love this blush. It does what it's suppose to do and looks great on me. That is why it's my favourite blush so far.
Re-purchase: Yes. (I have already repurchased this product.)

I absolutely love the packaging. Small and cute compact that has a mirror top (check out my reflection *hehehe*)

This is the blush in Mysterious Mocha; such a really beautiful colour. There is also a mirror when you open the compact & it comes with a little blush brush (as seen above). 

**All photographs copyright Gasai Photography &**

Comment Option Now Fixed

I noticed that since changing the layout of the blog in March, the commenting option was somehow disabled.
No one was able to comment on any of my posts but i've fixed it now that it works (yeaaah).
It is set up that when you click comment, a new mini window will pop up for you to comment
If this does not work for you, please let me know

{Review} Rimmel SunShimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer

Rimmel SunShimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer
Colour Tested: 002 Sun Love
Size: 0.59 oz
Price: Under $8
Where to buy: Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart,
Their Claim: The Rimmel SunShimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer is suppose to illuminate the face and body. It's suppose to give an instant natural bronzed sun-kissed glow.

My Experience: In my personal opinion, this is a great bronzer especially for the price. It's a large sized bronzer (0.59 oz) and it's very affordable (being under $8 CAD). You get a large amount of product for a great low price. Some bronzers are much pricier and smaller, that does not deliver close to what this bronzer does. The golden shimmers are just the right amount, that leaves your face looking naturally bronzed and not over done with shimmer. I believe it comes in two shades; i use 002 (Sun Love).
Overall: Affordable product that delivers on quality. Blends easily. Light weight. Long lasting product.
Re-Purchase: Yes i would

{Review} AVON Lip Gloss

I'll be reviewing TWO different line of lip glosses by Avon. 
1. Ultra Color Lip Gloss (first 3 glosses in pic)
2. Glazewear Liquid Lip Color (last 4 glosses in pic)

 Ultra Color Rich Liquid Lip Gloss
Colour(s) Tested: Nude Peach, Spice, Natural Glow
The Good: Rich & lasting colour. Moisturizing and an easy application brush.
The Bad: I don't actually have anything bad to say about this product. I
Overall: 4/5 It's a great lip gloss with a variety of shades. It's easy to apply & leaves lips moisturized without that sticky feeling.

Glazewear Liquid LipColor

Colour(s) Tested:Sweet Coral, Chic Mauve, Tickled Pink, Peach Fizz, (Rave *not shown)
The Good: Rich color and high gloss shine.Comes in a variety of colours.
The Bad:It's glossy and moisturizing but a bit sticky on the lips.
Overall: 3/5 It's an okay lip gloss.

*** Technorati code: HSD9BMYG3JY3

{Review} Wet n Wild eyeliner

While shopping i decided to pick up and try out the Wet n Wild eyeliner in white. I have never used white eyeliner before and wanted to give it a try. I decided to try this brand because it was inexpensive and it's not tested on animals.

Full Product Name: Wet n Wild kohl eyeliner: Silky smooth
Colour tested: White (656A)
The Good: Inexpensive. Easy to apply and lasted for a long time. Stayed in place and did not smudge easily.
The Bad: Require a few application to really see the liner
Overall: 3/5 because it is inexpensive and long lasting. It's not a must have product but it's worth the money

A New Year & The Beginning Of BeautyStyleAddict

The new year as just begun and i've finally created a blog dedicated to beauty and style. It's been awhile now since i've wanted to make a blog focused on beauty trends; what works and what doesn't. Now i must say i'm not a fashion or beauty guru but i do know a thing or two.
On this blog i will basically talk about and review latest trends in beauty, hair, and fashion. I will also post and review stores and ofcourse post store promotions when available, because i know not everyone's willing to dish out the dollars these days (the way the economy's been struggling). Anyways check back soon as i will be posting later today to get things started.
Also, Have a wonderful NEW YEAR 2010!
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