Blog Makeover!

[[ Little Vacation… ]]
I was on vacation in Jamaica (yeah it was pretty awesome *hehehe*) so I didn’t have time to make new posts. While I was in Jamaica I didn’t get to go as many places as I would have liked to go but I did get the chance to visit the countryside there and it was just beautiful. Pics are posted at Gasai Photography.

+ As soon as I got back my sister & her family came to visit from the UK so I had my hands full. We surprised my mom on her birthday by having a surprise birthday party AND she had no idea my sister was coming on her birthday so it was really nice. She was so surprised and happy. Anyways It was tons of fun having them here with me and I’m so sad that they are gone now.

[[ Now on to the BLOG MAKEOVER… ]]
I’ve realized that I have not put much time into this blog so this week I’ll be giving it a complete makeover. I need to put a new focus on this blog so I’ll be editing previous posts and deleting unnecessary posts that are just taking up space.

The new focus of the blog will be to provide you with product reviews of makeup, hair, and skincare products for those of us with a budget. That means that I’ll review products that are affordable as I am aware that makeup can be quite pricey and who wants to pay for expensive makeup if you can get cheaper products that do the same job? So that’s basically what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks-- and months ahead.

* I’ll be adding more in-depth reviews including lots more pictures of swatches and product packaging etc.
* I’ll also be posting more often (I will try my best with this one.. but be aware that I’m a full time student so there will be days when I’ll be absent from posting on the blog).
* I’ll also like to try and post FOTD (Fotos/Face Of The Day) and with these pictures I’ll be showing makeup I’m wearing that day and how you can achieve that look. (This one might take some time to get into effect, especially because I don’t wear makeup often).
Anyways guys I hope you’ll enjoy the new makeover when it’s complete.


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